Board of Directors

Teresa Giglia


Chairperson, Board of Directors


I am honoured to serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Villa Italia for 2013/2014.  I look forward to working with a great group of board members, and the top notch Villa staff as we commence a very exciting 10th Anniversary year for the Villa.  I welcome new board members and thank those who continue to devote their time and resources to ensure that our residents receive the best care and quality service.


I wish to extend my gratitude to our Past Chair, Sandra Licata for her commitment and excellent leadership. Her support and dedication to the Villa has inspired me and the other board members to continue to move ahead  with our many plans for the future growth of the Villa.


Guided by love honour and respect, my hope for the upcoming year is to  look back at the past 10 years and celebrate our great accomplishments, and to continue to look forward  to  the expansion of the Bella Vita Day Program and the construction of Villa Paradiso, which will complete our complement of care and services to our community of seniors.


These are the Board of Directors:
Teresa Giglia (Chair)
Sandra Licata (Past Chair)
Brennan Caiella (Treasurer)


Bruno Bombardieri
Eugene Catania
Anthony Cipolla
Tina Destro (Ex-Officio)
Guido DiCesare (Ex-Officio)
Carmine Filice
Mario Franciosa
Joanne Guarasci
Charles Macaluso
David Morganti
Frank Raso
David Sebastianutti
Mark Sebastianutti
Robert Skaljin