Our Core Values





Villa Italia Retirement Residence is a not-for-profit provider of quality continuum of residential care nurturing the uniqueness of seniors in a home environment with love, honour and respect.




Villa Italia, in partnership with our community, is dedicated to creating an exceptional and sustainable environment that:


  1. Provides compassionate resident-centred care that is responsive to changing needs.
  2. Embraces and provides a gracious home-like atmosphere that reflects the best of family traditions and heritage.
  3. Is the provider of choice for quality retirement living.
  4. Promotes and nurtures independent and active lifestyles.
  5. Ensures ongoing self-assessment and improvement to maintain its best practices.




A. Diversity
We foster an environment that supports traditions and heritage of our seniors.

  • International Cuisine
  • Activities
  • Accommodating Individual Spirituality


B. Quality Care
We uphold compassionate, timely quality care, which is responsive to the changing needs of our seniors.

  • Qualified licensed professionals
  • Maintain safe and clean environment
  • Exceed the mandate of Public Health Licensing authorities
  • Members of the care team are expected to provide compassionate care without compromise.


C. Family Environment
We recognize the family as an integral and active participant in the continuum of care for our seniors.

  • Established family counsel
  • Executive Director speaks with family every 6 to 8 weeks
  • Establish positive relationships amongst all residents and stakeholders
  • Facilitate care conferences
  • Facilitate family gatherings


D. Individuality
We design care, services and activities that reflect seniors’ individual needs and choices.

  • Individual care planning
  • Choice as to when care and support takes place
  • Encouraging an independent lifestyle


E. Dignity
Every relationship creates a pleasant experience with a quiet approach to care respecting the dignity of our seniors.

  • Encouraging autonomy and independence
  • Respecting harmonious living
  • Respect and support our seniors privacy


F. Security
We provide a safe and secure home like environment.

  • Facility access – including concierge and wander guard
  • Physical infrastructure providing a barrier free environment – flooring, handrails, etc.
  • 24 hour video monitoring
  • 24 hour registered nursing staff


G. Fulfillment
We provide an environment in which our seniors can achieve a state of well-being and contentment.

  • Client and family satisfaction surveys
  • Support services
  • Social interaction
  • Relevant and age appropriate activities


YES Commitment


We believe individuals at a minimum deserve and expect competency. Their trust however requires we go beyond the minimum in acknowledging their individuality with regard to the services we provide. Our success can only be measured against their satisfaction with the quality of the relationships we establish and maintain. The true test of our ability will always be measured through our actions and relationships with others.


1. YES, we will provide everything you need and want in a retirement residence and YES, we will give you the friendly and attentive services you deserve.
2. YES, we will remove barriers by having a good working environment and a team that is committed to working together.
3. YES, We care, respect and honour who you are as an individual.
4. YES, we will look beyond the problems and focus instead on solutions and opportunities.
5. YES, we will approach every question with a positive outlook and a smile.
6. YES, we will be understanding and patient.
7. YES, we will incorporate the Villa Italia Retirement Residence YES Commitment into every action we take.


Satisfied, happy and loyal residents are the responsibility of every employee within our organization. Resident loyalty is earned by building positive relationships, one resident at a time.